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The Ultimate Open Source Software Project for Law Enforcement

I have been encouraging law enforcement professionals to use free and open source resources for several years now but I have never been able to calculate the amount of money that can be saved through the use of these resources.

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Five Things and Open Source Policing

The National Institute of Justice just released a report entitled, "Five Things Law Enforcement Executives Can Do to Make a Difference" This is really a quick and simple summary of things that are proven to improve police operations and

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Predictive Policing and Open Source Policing

Predictive Policing and Open Source Policing February 20, 2011 in Blog by Glen Predictive Policing What would happen if we could predict crime before it happened? The hottest buzz phrase in law enforcement right now is, “Predictive Policing.”  Ever since

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Better Policing Through Collaboration Open Source Policing Who, what, where, when, why, how? I am a police lieutenant in a town in Massachusetts.  I am not a college professor or a philosopher and I have never published a book.  I